Prodigy Mindset


 "The mental game is what separates the good players from the great players" - Aaron Judge 


“Understanding and redefining the principals of what defines a true alpha male is more than enough reason to experience ALPHA, but the tools and training that come with it will help you truly unleash the alpha in you.”
Robert Moffat
Lead Artist | Call of Duty

"ATHENA has helped me in so many ways, this experience is truly life-changing! I’m definitely tapping into a new version of myself. I find that I have a different confidence in myself and all that I set out to do. I’ve been focusing more on completing tasks that need to be done instead of procrastinating or becoming distracted by social media. I am more in-tune with my Internal Monologue System (IMS) and things are aligning." 

Sherlisa Harris

Manager | SAFE Alliance

"In the past 21-days I've learned more about myself than I have in the 21-years I've been alive."


Blaise Martinez

Model | Student

"Highly HIGHLY recommend this program. Did wonders for my mental stability and positive outlook." 

JD Posey

Actor | Producer

"ALPHA is truly life-changing if you put in the work. When I went through the program, it all made sense. Working in casting it's a high-demand career. You have to love what you do, but I've realized through this program that loving what you do isn't enough if your mind isn't clear and your consciousness isn't set. Doing the exercises in the morning helped me realize how fortunate I am. We get so caught up in everyday life that I feel it clouds the mind and spirit. Having a program or a blueprint that ALPHA teaches helps one take control of the most important thing we have…the mind."


Thomas Sullivan

Casting Director

Oscar-Winning Film "Green Book"

“Thank you to my boy Arlen J, the DOJO platform helped me stay ready mentally and physically for my upcoming tournament at the Austin open which I won gold. I’ve stayed with the mindset that I learned while on the program and it has made significant positive changes in my life. I highly recommend this to anyone who is ready to step their game up!”

Fernando Bernstein
Athlete | Co-founder of Rise Kickbox

I’m aligned with the cosmos, thanks to the ATHENA program! The training provided me with so many important life-altering realizations. The crutches I’ve used in the past to feel good about myself have fallen away. Life is steadily feeling more on track. Before, I was always desperate to find focus and couldn’t figure out why I could never seem to get shit done. I have to give big ups to Prodigy Mindset for continuing to spread the word and share this new (old) way of existing.

Kristina D.

 Permanent Makeup Artist

With sacrifice and an ability to learn (most importantly, respect) the processes of how to locate and organize my inner dialogue, I developed a new perspective in God and our Universe.

Patric Chavera
Father | Actor


 Training Dates


Men's Training
Next 21-day round begins:
New Moon, June/28/22

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 Women's Training
Next 21-day round begins:
New Moon, June/28/22

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63-day Private training 
with Arlen J
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