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Test your METTLE and love your mindset!


Prodigy Mindset’s METTLE Contest


Get registered to win up to $1500 in cash when you enter our 21-day ALPHA PRO mindset initiative training program. Dial in your focus, purpose, and one-set-to-failure mindset while testing in our top five (5) bodyweight training movements. Come test your METTLE and love your mindset at Prodigy Mindset! 


*ALPHA PRO’s 21-day mindset initiative program is an automated email and text message system. There are no videos, audio modules, or meetings to attend. Self-study is self-leadership; what you put in is what you get back! 


Top Five (5) ALPHA PRO bodyweight movements 



(Pronated, One Set to Failure)



(Traditional, One Set to Failure)


Dead Hang 

(Active, One Set to Failure)


Hallow Body Plank 

(Straight arm, One Set to Failure)


Horse Stance 

(Kung Fu, One Set to Failure)


Best overall improvement wins $100! 


Best individual movement wins $100! (Per movement)


Achieve both “top score” and best in each movement and win up to $1500! 


Winners also receive their choice of Prodigy Mindset’s METTLE and Murdered Out Mindset snapback lids.


*Limited to only 25 contestants


*Must be 18 years of age

Click Below "Enter Contest" to receive updates on the next METTLE Contest.

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