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Get registered for free (spaces are very limited) and win up to $1500 


This 21-day Summer Solstice METTLE Contest begins on July 5th - July 25th



Once you have registered via "purchase tab", you will be prompted to submit 5 individual videos for each of the bodyweight movements listed below. More information on how to send these videos will be shared upon registration.


Submitting your 5 videos will officailly qualify you and you will be able to place and win in our 2024 Summer Solstice METTLE contest. Your video submissions at the start of the program is important because the participant with the best overall improvement on time/score from Day 1 to Day 21 will recieve $300!


Our top five (5) bodyweight contest movements... 



(Pronated, One Set to Failure)



(Traditional, One Set to Failure)


Dead Hang 

(Active, One Set to Failure)


Hallow Body Plank 

(Straight arm, One Set to Failure)


Horse Stance 

(Kung Fu, One Set to Failure)


Top Score on all five movements wins $700!


Best individual movement wins $100! (Per movement)


Best overall improvement on time/score from Day 1 to Day 21 will win $300!


Achieve top score, "best in each movement", and "best improvement "and win up to $1500! 


For this contest, ALPHA PRO is our 21-day mindset initiative. The content from this program will be delivered through email and text messages only. You will recieve both a morning and evening email, with up to four text messages per day. The ALPHA PRO content is designed to elevate conscious command, allwoing you to perform at your absolute best.


There are no videos, audio modules, or meetings to attend but this contest does require that you are able to share your videos with us via Wetransfer or Dropbox and on social media - collabrating with @prodigymindsetgym on Instagram. You can see our Summer Solstice METTLE contest content if you visit us at @prodigymindsetgym on Instagram or in the video uptop.


More information will be provided upon registering, and a phone consult is also available upon request!


Welcome to the fold! 

Welcome to the 2024 Summer Solstice METTLE Contest!

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