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AGES 3-7


At Prodigy Mindset, we created these child development boxes for parents who know how important physical activity is in developing a child's brain, as crucial as traditional book or tablet learning, and that they go hand in hand. Elementary schools have recess because the motor development on the playground and in the PE atmosphere helps with learning and memorization, writing, and reading. Most children are taught on a tablet nowadays. We have seen great success in learning from apps. However, getting the exercise we got as children is still essential. We want to educate parents on why it worked for our generation that most children don't have learning disabilities. Some parents don't know that climbing on monkey bars and climbing up walls at a playground helps build the muscles for handwriting. They didn't know that jump rope or hopscotch helps both sides of the brain develop. Blowing bubbles and singing nursery rhymes help with speech development and reading. Encouraging this young will help children be ahead or on time when they reach kindergarten. Reinforcing exercise and play from ages 3-7 will build a strong foundation in cognitive development. 



Cognitive & Motor Development Box

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