Alpha Brainwave Male

The traditional alpha male was forced into the 21st century and presented under false pretenses, similar to the Trojan horse. The aforementioned subterfuge led to the historical defeat of the men of Troy, similar to how millions of men in the quest to become alpha males feel defeated today. The ubiquity of social media and other digital communications have led today's men down a path of reflexive hesitance and subconscious incongruity. But the true and often overlooked scientific definition of “alpha" is hiding in plain sight, and is essential to getting men back on the path to enlightenment.

What does “alpha" mean in 2020?

A simple Google search for "how to become an alpha male" nets 231 million results. This is an incredibly large number for a term that, in its contemporary sense, was derived from studying primates and wolves in captivity, not in their natural habitats. A quick scan of the top 10 results related to this search have many similarities as to what an alpha male is - speak steadily and in a low-pitched voice, exhibit self-sufficiency and independence, stand up straight, and be confident and decisive when speaking to women. It also helps to be tall (over six feet), but that is not necessary when all the other traits are present.

There are typically five adjectives associated with alpha males: aggressive, assertive, confident, demanding and dominant. These are also the descriptors, especially dominance, that science points to being the most attractive to women. A 1987 study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology aimed to positively correlate dominance and attractiveness (1). It found that the dominant alpha male was more sexually attractive to women than the submissive beta male. But the dominant man was only desired as a sexual partner, not as husband. It was the same result for women - dominant women were only desired as sexual partners, not wives. 

Of course today we live in the age of #metoo, which has many men walking on egg shells when courting and even communicating with women in general. Assertiveness and confidence are always attractive to both sexes. The other descriptors will not only get a man into trouble today, but were also derived from science that is no longer valid.

Alpha wolf studies

What is generally accepted as an alpha male today is derived from research that studied wolves in captivity, not in their natural environment. The original researchers are now changing their stances after learning that captive animals are essentially synonymous with incarcerated humans. Dr. David Mech, founder of the International Wolf Center and author of the book The Wolf: Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species, has been studying wolf behavior for more than 60 years. He wrote in the aforementioned book, published in 1970, that wolves win control of the pack by fighting other male wolves. That behavior is exactly what is observed with incarcerated human males getting in violent confrontations over territory in prisons.

Mech published the paper "Alpha Status, Dominance, and Division of Labor in Wolf Packs" in 1999. He reversed this original positions from three decades earlier after observing wolves in the wild. Most male and female wolves leave their birth packs once they become adults, around six months after birth. Male wolves essentially find and court female wolves and form families (packs) with them. Both the father and mother, those who are keeping the family unit healthy and happy, are considered "alphas" among packs that can be as large as 20 wolves. Thus parents are alphas in the pack, but not the sole nurturers of the pups. Wolves are very family-oriented animals, including extended family. Mech observed no fighting for dominance in the wild as he observed with wolves in captivity.

Despite Mech ordering his publisher to stop printing the 1970 book on alpha wolves based on his new evidence and subsequent mootness of said book, the publisher continues printing and selling said book. Mech has made clear that the term "alpha male" as its currently accepted is false and based on faulty research. But the violent, fighting captive wolves that have come to define alpha males remain near scientific consensus today, with little effort being made for public awareness of Mech’s 1999 update.

Effect on young men in digital age

The correlation between the alpha wolf and the alpha man became mainstream ideology soon after Mech's book was published in 1970. But it really took off in the late 1990s. The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists is a book by Neil Strauss published in 2005. It chronicles his experience in the "seduction community" online where he and other men learn to become pickup artists who seduce women. Though the book received fairly good review (3.74 starts out of 5 on GoodReads), the critical responses had a consistent tone - misogyny, lack of self-confidence and self-awareness. Several reviewers pointed out how most of these men stayed in the confines of their online communities, their comfort zones, versus venturing out and actually trying to communicate with women.

This inaccurate idea of the alpha male set a new benchmark for men. The man who could have what he wanted, when he wanted it, was alpha. Men bought right into it. The only plausible condition which this definition of alpha male holds true is, again, if they are taken out of their natural environments and placed into confined spaces such as prison and online forums. Young Millennials and Generation Z men gravitate to spaces like 4chan and 8chan today to create a similar environment as described in Strauss' book. The term "incel," short for "involuntarily celibate," is a common insult to some and a compliment to others. These young men complain that women hate them and that there is nothing they can do to change that. But they feel like alpha males in their confined spaces, their web spaces, and thus do not attempt to communicate with women in real life.

Pop culture and the digital age have left men, both young and old, lost and confused as to their roles in society. This is clearly proven by the large amount of men, 16-plus million of them to be exact, who are searching the term “alpha male” on Google. These men want to be alpha males, but have also been conditioned to believe a fallacious definition of what makes a man alpha. 

Tapping into your alpha

We are all given the gift of being the alpha at birth. The ability to tap into this gift is realized by pivoting into the perspective that the alpha is one of our most important brain waves. The alpha wave length is the most present state of the mind. It is the meditative state and the bridge to our subconscious. It wields the ability to recondition our minds with any goal in mind. 

Beta waves represent physical arousal, where as alpha waves are slower with higher amplitude. Men reach an alpha state when they are resting and reflecting after completing a difficult task. Meditation and yoga get men in the alpha state. Taking a break from your daily grind to take a walk in the park, enjoy a beautiful sunny day with birds singing and children playing and laughing, places you in the alpha state.

Alpha frequencies (8-12 Hz or 9-14 cycles per second) are also what spiritualists like to call manifestation. When men learn to tap into our alpha brainwaves with the purpose of manifesting, we align with our power and purpose simply by default; we become the powerful alpha male in its only true meaning. 

A man who truly understands the God-given power of his mind, and is self-aware of his ego and wants, manifests his life's purpose with a greater sense of ease, balance and confidence. It takes the same level of practice and commitment that elite athletes utilize to reach their full potential. The correct and accurate definition of an alpha male is a highly conscious man who is a beneficial presence to himself and society. This alpha is the dark horse in the race for the enlightenment of men.