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For men from all walks of life


ALPHA PRO is a men’s 21-day purpose-driven, high-performance mindset training program that connects participants to their internal monologue system (IMS) by utilizing similar mental strategies of noted and respected mental coaches. It also implements motivational tools utilized by some of the greatest athletes of our time. But ALPHA PRO distinguishes itself from there.


The ALPHA PRO IMS training program leverages the synergy of Story Trapping, Starter Block Trapping, Digital Deprivation, Psychological Distancing, Construal-Level Theory (CLT), Intermittent fasting, Battle Testing, and pivotal New & Full Moon lunar cycles.


ALPHA PRO training provides accurate insight and practice for self-inducing the alpha brain wavelength, making it possible to become a "walking meditation." The result is conscious and subconscious reconditioning. ALPHA PRO participants commit to these processes and repeat them just as professional athletes practice free throws, route running, and swinging a bat. 


Overall, this program produces a heightened state of alpha brainwave consciousness. It promotes neural plasticity, which causes the brain to reprogram itself and eliminate subconscious, detrimental habits and mindsets. Subsequently, purpose, confidence, and creativity are amplified. This 21-day intensive ignites the mind, body, and soul. 


Two ( 2 ) daily emails

3-to-4 daily "support" text messages


ALPHA PRO is an Email/SMS (text message) delivery system. There are no videos, audio modules, or meetings to attend. All great men of the past made their advances through research and reading. Self-study is self-leadership. Prodigy Mindset aims to honor and preserve this practice. 

"With sacrifice and an ability to learn (most importantly, respect) the processes of how to locate and organize my inner dialogue, I developed a new perspective on God and our Universe."


Patrick Chavera

Father | Actor