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ALPHA PRO Football

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ALPHA PRO Football is a 21-day high-performance mindset-based training program that connects athletes to their internal monologue system (IMS) by utilizing similar mental strategies of noted and respected mental coaches. It also implements motivational tools utilized by some of the greatest athletes of our time. But the ALPHA PRO Football program distinguishes itself from there.

The ALPHA PRO Football IMS training program leverages the synergy of Digital Deprivation, Conscious Awareness Fasting, Story Trapping, Starter Block Trapping, Psychological Distancing, Construal-Level Theory (CLT), and pivotal Full & New Moon lunar cycles. ALPHA PRO Football participants commit to these processes and repeat them just as other professional athletes practice free throws, serving, and swinging a bat. 


"Consistent drills on the field make them subconscious and automatic. The brain needs those same consistent repetitions to maximize potential." - Arlen J

ALPHA PRO Football training provides the most accurate insight and practices for self-inducing the alpha brain wavelength, making it possible to become a "walking meditation." The result is conscious and subconscious reconditioning. This 21-day intensive ignites the mind, body, and spirit. Elevate your game today. 

Training Deliverables

Two ( 2 ) daily emails

(Morning & Evening)

3-to-4 daily "support" text messages


There are no videos, audio modules, or meetings to attend. ALPHA PRO Football is an Email/SMS (text message) delivery system where each email and text prepares you for the next. All great men & women of the past made their advances through research and reading. Prodigy Mindset aims to honor this practice and highlight the fact that self-study is self-leadership.





"At any point in life's journey, tools such as this can propel you forward"


Thomas Baskin

University of Texas Defensive Tackle

"Alpha has the main tools for mental mastery that you need to understand in a quick 21-day course. It doesn’t overwhelm you with information, but just repeatedly reminds you of principles that create the kind of intentional focus that leads to positive growth for the individual in the course."


Zack Moore

Certified NFL Agent

"My challenge to anyone reading this: try something different; it will reveal things you aren’t aware of or not addressing."


Sean M.


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